22A Oak Street | Plattsburgh, NY 12901
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Thank you to all our fine sponsors for their support.  It's your support that helps us make this event a reality.

Join us for the First North Country Yoga Fair!  Space is limited, pre-registration is required.  Purchase your ticket today!

We are very excited to offer the first North Country Yoga Fair.  Join us for an entire day of Yoga!  There will be multiple events happening all day long in Trinity Park (downtown Plattsburgh) and at Trinity Yoga Studio (22A Oak Street) across from the library.

9:30am - 10:45am Vinyasa Flow Yoga w/Melissa Light

In this class you will flow from one physical posture to the next using the breath as your guide and anchor (Vinyasa). This connection between movement and breath allows your practice to become a moving meditation. At times, stillness is found in order to fully settle into a physical posture. Some yoga experience is recommended. However, beginners are welcome. Modifications (the use of props and stages to poses) are incorporated in order for students to work at all levels of ability. A warm, safe, and fun environment is held throughout class. You will leave feeling relaxed, balanced, and renewed!

11:15am - 12:30pm Kundalini Yoga w/Lynda Garrand & Mike Warren

Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic style of yoga. It consists of active and passive asana-based kriyas (sets of exercises designed in a specific arrangement to work synergistically together), pranayama (breath work), and meditations which target the whole body system (nervous system, glands, mental faculties, chakras) to develop awareness, consciousness and personal strength. Kundalini Yoga doesn’t just work the physical body, but the mind and energetic bodies all at the same time. As a result, many people find it provides results very quickly.

1pm - 2pm - Lunchtime Lecture w/special guest Luis Seirra

2:30pm - 3:45pm - Hathalini (a blend of Kundalini and Hatha Yoga) w/Lynda Garrand & Kim LeClaire

In this class you will get to experience a little from both traditions, Kundalini & Hatha Yoga. (See Kundalini Yoga description above.) In Hatha Yoga the focus is on connecting movement and breath to free the body and mind. Class will include breath work, warm-ups, physical postures that flow with the breath, free movement, relaxation, and meditation. This will be a gentle class to follow our lunch break.

4:15pm - 5:30pm Restorative Yoga w/Melissa Light

Restorative Yoga traditionally uses multiple props to support the body in various different postures. As you hold these postures for periods of time, the body begins to relax and release stress. Allowing for a deeply relaxing experience. In this class, due to the size of the group, we will be using primarily a block for support. This will be a gentle yoga class with some restorative postures weaved in. A wonderful way to wrap up a day of yoga!

6pm Live Music and Kirtan (Chanting by call and answer)w/Mike Warren and Friends

Kirtan is a form of meditation using mantra. The performers will delight you with live music and chanting! The musicians will chant a mantra and the audience repeats it back. It's a wonderful way to connect with others as a community and also to find a calm, peaceful space. In this way, it becomes a chanting meditation.

Studio Schedule:

7am - 9am Morning Sadhana w/Maureen Marcellus & Donna Wilson Gadue: Wake up with an energizing Kundalini Yoga Set

10am - 11:30am AcroYoga w/Kim LeClaire: In AcroYoga Therapeutics, we'll explore the restorative elements of Therapeutic Flying and Thai Massage using the tools of receptivity, gravity, sensitivity, and loving kindness to bring balance, trust and connection to giver and receiver. Kim will guide you through proper physical techniques that will allow you to practice confidently and with ease. You can expect to feel restored, meet new people and have an unique experience! All levels welcome. No partners needed. No experience with Acro Yoga needed.

2pm - 3:30pm Chair Yoga w/Chris DeAmicis: Chris will guide you through a yoga practice where all the postures can be practiced in a chair. All levels and abilities welcome.

4:00 - 5:30pm Family Yoga w/Ana Goia: If you have been attending the Yoga Fair and would like to include your children, bring them to this fun session! Ana will guide you through a fun yoga set that everyone in the family can enjoy.

There is something for everyone! All are welcome to participate, no yoga experience required. You can attend as many or as few events as you'd like.

For the park events, we will be outside and under a tent. Please bring your own yoga mat and other props you require (blankets, bolsters, blocks, straps). Please bring at least one block if you plan to attend the restorative session.

Also bring your own water. You can bring your own snacks and food however, we encourage you to explore our beautiful downtown to get something to eat. Before the Lunchtime Lecture, there will be a 30min. break to find food downtown and bring it back to the tent for the 1pm lecture.

Pre-registration is required. We expect this event to fill quickly, so reserve your spot today!

Admission: $65 for the day

In case of inclement weather: We will move events in Trinity Park to Trinity Church in the case of bad weather. So, not to worry. This amazing event will happen rain or shine :)